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Glü Adhesive

GLÜ® is the ultimate adhesive for plastics and everything else.

"Finally, a glue for everything!"™

For the DIYer who has tried to glue plastic to plastic, we know how frustrating it is. That's because plastic substrates feature virtually no surface roughness. GLÜ™ solves this challenge by grabbing hold of smooth surfaces.

For years K-CO Products has used the industrial version of the GLÜ® formula around our warehouse. One day we needed to glue something that was metal to composite, and with no other adhesive on hand we decided to test out the industrial glue. It not only worked but cured fast!

That's when we knew it had capabilities well beyond plastic to plastic. We had to bring this fantastic item to the retail market under the GLÜ® brand.


• Plastics
• Metals
• Stone
• Glass
• Leather
• Rubber

• Porcelain
• Paper
• Plexiglass
• Wood
• Fiberglass
• Ceramics

• Nitrile
• Chrome
• Valox
• Latex

• Chloroprene
• Granite
• Marble


All Purpose GLU Adhesive Logo
  • Solvent free & 100% pure glue
  • Dries clear
  • Bonds in 30 seconds
  • Environmentally safe
  • Hi-Viscosity