Retailers Choice Award 2018
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No clog stands a chance

The Johnny Jolter® PRO Plunger is hands down the most effective toilet plunger available in today's marketplace. K-CO is thrilled to make this high quality, Made-in-USA product available to your home or business.

Johnny Jolter Logo variation link
  • Uses water, not air, to fight the toughest clogs
  • Delivers up to 140 lbs of force
  • Works on standard and hi-efficiency toilets
  • Pays for itself within the first use
  • Easy to maintain and clean for years of use
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Unbeatable Force

The Johnny Jolter® PRO plunger is simply better than the competition. Here's why.
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The Pounds of Force Test

We measured the pound of force of the Johnny Jolter® PRO Plunger using a pressure gauge that replicates the seal of a toilet bowl. The results shocked even us!

See for yourself in the link below.
PSI measuring contraption

Power You Can Feel

Nothing can get by the Johnny Jolter's seal gasket. Thats why this PRO tool is so powerful! See the reactions below.

How It Works

The Johnny Jolter® PRO Plunger is made for all toilet types and unclogs even the most stubborn blocks in as little as one push.

Easy to maintain, clean, and store for the times when you need a quick fix to a clogged toilet.