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The Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle is pound for pound the most effective, and water-efficient hose nozzle you can buy.
Made in the USA and Assembled by Disabled US Veterans

40 % More Force

As a sweeper, the Little Big Shot® delivers 40% more force that the Water Jet™ power washer when fully open, for quick and efficient cleaning jobs.

40 % Less Water

Its water efficiency is remarkable, with 40% less water volume (GPM) than the 'classic' pistol nozzle when tested in the fully open position.

Will Not Leak*

With our Space-Age, Perma-Washer™, The Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle will not leak up to 60 PSI* in the fully closed position.

Introducing the New Little Big Shot® in Durable Polyketone

Polyketone is a Durable, Engineering-Grade thermoplastic known for withstanding harsh conditions.

Delivers the same performance as our Original Brass, just at a lower price point.

Lightweight and Continuously Adjustable

Power Sweep


Pin Point

The Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle Delivers Superior Performance

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